Wednesday, December 10, 2008


(The River Styx and the Goddess Styx)

Styx is the Goddess of the River of Death in the underworld, normally refferred to simply as the River Styx. She is usually said to be the daughter of Erebus and Nyx. She was married to Pallas by whom she had Zelus, Nike, Cratos and Bia.


Literacy 9 at SDHS said...

There is a song by a band i like, I Am Ghost, called "crossing the river styx" i never new what that meant until i read this. Also, i always thought the band Styx came up with their name because they thought it was a cool way to spell "sticks". I love the picture you found for it too.

good job!


Leila said...

I have always been interested in the river of styx, it would be awesome if you could put more information about him.